Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top 50 Movie Related Things I Love/Hate

1. Soft focus lighting as the open transition to scenes
2. Paul Thomas Anderson
3. Philip Glass soundtracks
4. Vintage movie posters. Even when the movies aren't actually that old.
5. Robert Richardson
6. Jansuz Kaminski
7. Robert Elswit
8. Dylan Tischenor ACE
9. Scorsese
10. Cool end credits.
11. Roger Ebert Reviews/Tweets
12. Reading screenplays/shooting scripts online
13. Billy Wilder
14. Steve Buscemi
15. HBO Shows that feel like movies.
16. Eating popcorn with that cheddar powder while watching movies.
17. Talking about my favorite scenes repeatedly...often to the same people.
18. Kids movies that never stop being great (The Sandlot, Mrs.Doubtfire..)
19. Director commentaries
20. Director of photography commentaries
21. Stylish dutch tilts
22. The occasional use of the wilhelm scream
23. Ensemble casts that include Philip Baker Hall, Julianne Moore, and William H Macy
24. Catching things I missed the first time. Or the first 50 times.
25. Roger Deakins and the Coen Brothers working together
26. Sydney Lumet
27. Writing
28. Previews before theatrical releases (the first time)
29. John C Reilly
30. Criterion collection films.

Not so much love going to...

31. Commercials before theatrical releases.
32. Remakes
33. Sequels...I mean really?
34. People whose favorite movie of all time is any of the following: Ghosts of Mars, The Duplex, or Gigli.
35. Michael Bay.
36. Really great trailers with really bad movies...bummer!
37. French titles right under the English titles on DVD spines. UGLY!
38. E.T. being re-released with all this fancy CGI stuff all these year later.
39. Blu Ray
40. Ensemble casts that include the Wayans Brothers, Natasha Lyons, and Amy Sedaris
41. People who talk in movie theatres. Especially the ones who make YOU feel like the jerks for "shushing" them.
42. Overused corporate dutch tilts

But a little more love to:

43. Happy endings
44. Unhappy, but realist endings (Marty)
45. Good biopics
46. The anticipation of a favorite directors upcoming release!
47. Alan Ball
48. Charlie Kaufman
49. Seeing through the influences of your favorite filmmakers
50. Being able to recite word for word my top films of all times because Ive seen them so many times. Ahhhhhh films....